Good Modular Homes Will Make Anyone Happy

Everyone Should Think About Modular Homes

Everyone who wants to build a new home for themselves should think about how much easier it would be to choose a modular home versus building from scratch. It will be cheaper to go this route, too, and once they are in their new home they will not notice a difference. They will love how the place is set up, and all of the ways that they can customize the modular home to make it theirs, and they will be glad that they decided to do things this way.

They Should Find The Best Modular Home Manufacturer

Anyone who wants to go with a modular home should know that they will need to pick the right manufacturer of this type of home, so that it will be the best place possible once it is built. And, they should tour many of the homes that are similar to what they want their place to be, so that they will be happy with the way that it turns out.

They Will Never Want To Leave Their New Home

Anyone who has a new home built and who feels completely satisfied in it will be glad that they did the work that they needed to do to make the place all that it should be. They will be glad that they toured the many modular homes to fin the one that seemed the best for them. And they will be glad that they thought about the things they wanted in their home before they had it built, so that it could turn out just right and be a home that they never want to leave.


What to Look for in Modular Homes

What to Look for in Modular Homes


You have been dreaming of this day for a long time. You have always wanted to give your family a home that is truly their own. You want your family to move into a home that no one else has lived in and that is fresh and ready for them. You are looking for modular homes that might work out for you, and you get to pick one out soon and then move your family into that. The time has come for you to make the big decision, and you have to know what it is that you should look for in the modular homes that are out there.

Look for Modular Homes that are Designed Well:

You are looking for a home with a smart design. You want to find something that will stand strong for your family and something that is good looking. You want to find something with space that is all usable. You have to find the kind of home that was designed by those who know what they are doing and who did a good job with their work.

Look for Modular Homes that are Spacious:

Look for a home that has the room that you need for each member of your family. Make sure that you find a home that is going to allow you and your family spread out. Look for a home that has the amount of bedrooms that you want.

Find the Best Modular Homes:

Make sure that you consider your needs before you make a serious home decision. You have to figure out what will work out well for your family in regard to the future.

The Future Of Modular Homes


The Future Of Modular Homes

Modular homes have long been considered an environmentally and financially better way to home ownership. They are versatile and simple to move to another location if need be. The modular home has continued to evolve through the years to offer even better options to potential owners.

Diverse Designs

The modular design used to be a one sized fits all type of offering. Today’s modular home offers much more. Those considering a modular home can now take the design to a whole new level. Windows, doors, and even floor plans can be customized to suit your needs and wants.

Custom Materials

Modulars have also progressed to using more pliable and weather resistant materials. It used to be a solid wood framing as the only viable option. While in the past this may have been the best choice, we now realize that a wood frame van use between 40 to 60 fully grown mature trees. This is no longer an environmentally friendly means to make a home.

The Steel Option

Steel is stronger, longer lasting and more environmentally responsible. Framing a modular home from steel saves trees and removes 6 cars from junkyards. Using steel to frame up a modular home also does not entail any waste. Beams can be fabricated to exact specifications. If a mistake is made, it can be recycled and reused again and again.

Benefits of Steel

Steel resists the growth and spread of mold. It also is not conducive to termites, wood ants and other pests that destroy wood homes. Fires also do not have the fuel to spread and destroy as easily as they do in wooden homes. A modular homes built with steel is one that will last longer and be healthier for the people living in it and the environment.

Why Modular Homes can Offer you an Affordable and Beautiful Home

Would you love to buy a house? Have you been looking at homes in your area for a long time, but each one you love is just too far out of your price range?

Before you give up, and decide owning a home is not for you, have you looked into modular homes? Not only are they great ways to be able to actually afford a beautiful home, you can have them built on just about any piece of land you own.

What are modular homes? — These are houses that are built off side in modules. Each module is then transported to the place the home will be built, and assembled into a finished house.

How long does it take to assemble a modular homes? — It depends on the size of the house as, of course, a larger house will take longer to put together than a smaller one.

Many modular homes can be completely assembled in three to five days, however, once all the modules appear on your site. That means, you could end up living in your dream home in less than a couple of weeks.

Modular homes are ‘green buildings’ — Due to the way they are put together and the materials used, these types of houses are considered to be ‘green buildings’.

If you are concerned about the environment, that means a modular home is another great way to do your part towards saving it.

Can a modular home be moved? — Unlike a mobile home, a modular home is placed and fixed on a foundation just like a typical house. That means, once it is built it stays on that property for as long as it lasts. In most cases, tens if not hundreds of years.

Why You Should Choose a Modular Home?

1If you are looking for a place of your own, then there are many reasons that you might want to consider a modular home.


Many buyers find that modular homes makes buying a home much more affordable. The average cost of a modular home in the United States is $76.80 per square foot. Compare that with the average cost of new home at $150 per square foot. The average single-family home measures 2,477 square feet. Therefore, you would be saving over $181,000.

Quick Construction

From the day that you order your modular home to the day that you move in can be as short as 12 weeks. Compare that with about seven months if you are building a new home. Therefore, you can be enjoying your home while others are still waiting for their homes to be constructed.

Design Options

You have many different options when it comes to modular homes. The choices begin with deciding on the type of home that is right for you. Some people choose a two-story home while others want it all on one floor. Others choose a wide front porch while others want a deck attached. Once inside, you get even more choices such as granite or marble countertops in the kitchen.


Modular homes are extremely durable. When compared with more traditional homes, they have fewer problems with mold, rust, dust, sun damage and mildew because all the building materials are kept in a controlled environment before they are sent to the site.

There are so many different choices in modular homes that the hardest part will be deciding what is right for you. While they are made in a factory, each one is totally unique. Do not waste your time or money. Choose a modular home today.

Choosing the Best Modular Homes


Every family deserves to have a home that they can call their own, and you would like to give your family that. You would like to provide your children with a good place where they can grow up, the kind of place that they can remember forever. You are looking for a modular home that you can purchase for your family, something that will help all of your to live in a comfortable and safe way. Make sure that you have a good idea of what you are looking to get as you seek to find the best modular homes out there.

Look for Modular Homes that are Made Well:

Make sure that the home that you pick out for your family to call their own is one that is made well and built to last a long time. Make sure that the home that you pick out is one that is going to be a good one for your family and one where you will all feel safe. Make sure that the home will be worth the money that you spend to purchase it.

Look for Modular Homes that are Designed Right:

You need a home that has space for your family and that is appropriate to all of your needs. Make sure that the one that you pick out is one that is designed right for your needs and for your family.

Find the Modular Homes that Stand Out to You:

There are some homes that will suit your needs and the needs of your family in ways that are better than others. Look for the kind of modular home that is perfect for your family and the lives of all of you.

Modular Homes

1Greenterra homes are new housing projects that are being done for people who need quality shelters. The company has been developing different types of houses from the available materials making lives of people better. If you need a better way of getting the best house that will suit your needs, ensure you contact the experts to carry out a custom design on your preferred type of property. The experts have the experience to create a house which will match your plan and desired. The good thing about the homes is that they are very affordable. Contact the company and benefit from the affordable housing facilities offered.

Affordable modular homes

The modular home has become preferred by many people because of their affordable value. The amount which you are expected to pay will vary depending on the size of that building. For most units, the amount is low since the materials are locally sourced and improved. The selling rates are given on each unit helping you plan well financially. The rate is more affordable as compared to the value of the normal homes that are built on land.

Fully customized house

The design of these houses is unique. the structure is developed according to what is ideal for the customer. Different preferences by the customer are taken. The design on windows, doors and other essential parts of the building are done according to what the customer is looking for. It is necessary that the specifications are made before the development is started. It is easier to find the right outcomes on that property.

Strong, smart and green

The development materials are carefully chosen to ensure less effect is caused to the environment. The mainly used materials are steel which has less effect to the surrounding. The other thing is that the materials are durable hence the house will not need regular maintenance.

See modular homes for more information.

A New Wave In Modular Homes

1Customizing a home to personal desires and tastes is why many choose the traditional wood framed home. Modular homes are typically considered to be flimsy and weak and unable to last for very long, especially in harsh climates. This is no longer the case as the modular home manufacturers are opening up the possibilities.

One such possibility that can now be found with modular homes is the ability to customize it. Colors, cabinets, fixtures, you name it can be shaped and installed to your personal preference. These are high quality fixtures and appliances that are built to last and are of high quality.

Another possibility is floorplans. The new modular homes being made have a wide variety of floor plans to choose from. If nothing available works for you, work with the manufacturer to come up with something that speaks to your heart’s desire. There is sure to be a way to meet personal needs and have a functional home.

Another thing that has changed recently in modular homes is the materials that are being used to make them. Formerly these homes were fashion from aluminum and two by fours. This is no longer the case. Seeing the demand for these more compact and functional homes, manufacturers are beginning to use more functional material that will withstand almost any environment.

Steel is the new word in modular homes. It is a material that is easily recycled, saves on time and money to process it like wood needs, and can be strong enough to withstand many different environments. Steel is also very cost effective for the homes madewith steel require less maintenance and repair than wood homes.

A modular home today offers cost savings, strength, durability and beauty. It also offers up the options to home buyers to choose something that can endure the test of time and expand with their needs.

What are the Benefits of Modular Homes?

When you are having a new home built you will have the option of having a new home constructed based on a design by an architect, or you can have a modular home built. A modular home is one that is based on a pre-fabricated design. This article will discuss the benefit of choosing a modular home over the luxury of having a designed home.

Why Modular Homes Are a Better Option for Home Owners

Modular homes are predesigned and are based on a number of different designs that are reused in homes around the country. Because they are based on existing designed plans they are significantly cheaper to have built than individually designed buildings which require an architect’s skills to have designed and built. In addition, as modular homes are already designed and available to have built they tend to be quicker to have completed without delay. Further, the significant advantages and lower cost of the modular homes and building designs has led there to be a much greater variety of options that are on the market than many people may believe to be, thereby eliminating one of the aspects that lead many to choose homes and other buildings that are designed by an architect. With modular buildings the customization comes more from selecting which of the modular buildings that you want built rather than having an home or building custom designed.

Who Doesn’t Benefit from Modular Homes and Buildings?

Not everyone will benefit from the modular building creation. Instead, individuals or organizations that want to have customized and unique buildings designed and built are unlikely to use a modular building. In addition, specific building regulations may limit the types of modular buildings that can be created in certain areas and more specific personalized designs may be needed instead.

Modular Homes


Modular homes are prefabricated and sectioned buildings consisting of multiple different sections called modules. At Green Terra Homes, they make completely factory constructed homes with steel frames in a variety of different designs. Here, you can choose a custom design you have designed yourself or choose from the different options they have available. They have something for everyone, including tiny homes, cottages, and homes for larger families who need more room. Some of their “green” features include a live roof, solar and wind power, composting, grey water recycling, atmospheric water generator, among many others. These features can help you feel confident that you are helping to protect the environment.

All steel framing systems are non-toxic, non-combustible, allergy free, and are also green and 100% recyclable. With this structural steel framing comes a 25-year structural home warranty. For siding options, they offer maintenance-free vinyl in your choice of colors or long-lasting board batten.

For the interior, the modular homes include many standard features such as standard kitchen cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and standard laminate flooring throughout the home. The floors in the kitchen and bathrooms will consist of tile. These modular homes are equipped with standard energy-efficient windows and doors. All modular units are shipped with engineered and stamped sets of permit drawings, complete onsite service drawings along with instructions and assembly manual.

Modular homes are gaining popularity as many people are seeing the quality the homes have to offer. Some people are downsizing and prefer to have a tiny home or just a smaller home in general. Green Terra Homes gives the perspective buyer a look into a home that is affordable and environment friendly along with having the beauty and comfort one wants in a home. These homes are built to last and are structurally sound, yet are beautiful and provide the feeling you want in your home.