Modular Homes


Modular homes are prefabricated and sectioned buildings consisting of multiple different sections called modules. At Green Terra Homes, they make completely factory constructed homes with steel frames in a variety of different designs. Here, you can choose a custom design you have designed yourself or choose from the different options they have available. They have something for everyone, including tiny homes, cottages, and homes for larger families who need more room. Some of their “green” features include a live roof, solar and wind power, composting, grey water recycling, atmospheric water generator, among many others. These features can help you feel confident that you are helping to protect the environment.

All steel framing systems are non-toxic, non-combustible, allergy free, and are also green and 100% recyclable. With this structural steel framing comes a 25-year structural home warranty. For siding options, they offer maintenance-free vinyl in your choice of colors or long-lasting board batten.

For the interior, the modular homes include many standard features such as standard kitchen cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and standard laminate flooring throughout the home. The floors in the kitchen and bathrooms will consist of tile. These modular homes are equipped with standard energy-efficient windows and doors. All modular units are shipped with engineered and stamped sets of permit drawings, complete onsite service drawings along with instructions and assembly manual.

Modular homes are gaining popularity as many people are seeing the quality the homes have to offer. Some people are downsizing and prefer to have a tiny home or just a smaller home in general. Green Terra Homes gives the perspective buyer a look into a home that is affordable and environment friendly along with having the beauty and comfort one wants in a home. These homes are built to last and are structurally sound, yet are beautiful and provide the feeling you want in your home.


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