Modular Homes

1Greenterra homes are new housing projects that are being done for people who need quality shelters. The company has been developing different types of houses from the available materials making lives of people better. If you need a better way of getting the best house that will suit your needs, ensure you contact the experts to carry out a custom design on your preferred type of property. The experts have the experience to create a house which will match your plan and desired. The good thing about the homes is that they are very affordable. Contact the company and benefit from the affordable housing facilities offered.

Affordable modular homes

The modular home has become preferred by many people because of their affordable value. The amount which you are expected to pay will vary depending on the size of that building. For most units, the amount is low since the materials are locally sourced and improved. The selling rates are given on each unit helping you plan well financially. The rate is more affordable as compared to the value of the normal homes that are built on land.

Fully customized house

The design of these houses is unique. the structure is developed according to what is ideal for the customer. Different preferences by the customer are taken. The design on windows, doors and other essential parts of the building are done according to what the customer is looking for. It is necessary that the specifications are made before the development is started. It is easier to find the right outcomes on that property.

Strong, smart and green

The development materials are carefully chosen to ensure less effect is caused to the environment. The mainly used materials are steel which has less effect to the surrounding. The other thing is that the materials are durable hence the house will not need regular maintenance.

See modular homes for more information.


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