The Future Of Modular Homes


The Future Of Modular Homes

Modular homes have long been considered an environmentally and financially better way to home ownership. They are versatile and simple to move to another location if need be. The modular home has continued to evolve through the years to offer even better options to potential owners.

Diverse Designs

The modular design used to be a one sized fits all type of offering. Today’s modular home offers much more. Those considering a modular home can now take the design to a whole new level. Windows, doors, and even floor plans can be customized to suit your needs and wants.

Custom Materials

Modulars have also progressed to using more pliable and weather resistant materials. It used to be a solid wood framing as the only viable option. While in the past this may have been the best choice, we now realize that a wood frame van use between 40 to 60 fully grown mature trees. This is no longer an environmentally friendly means to make a home.

The Steel Option

Steel is stronger, longer lasting and more environmentally responsible. Framing a modular home from steel saves trees and removes 6 cars from junkyards. Using steel to frame up a modular home also does not entail any waste. Beams can be fabricated to exact specifications. If a mistake is made, it can be recycled and reused again and again.

Benefits of Steel

Steel resists the growth and spread of mold. It also is not conducive to termites, wood ants and other pests that destroy wood homes. Fires also do not have the fuel to spread and destroy as easily as they do in wooden homes. A modular homes built with steel is one that will last longer and be healthier for the people living in it and the environment.


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